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STABILO PRO – Stabilometric detection software

STABILO PRO – Stabilometric detection software

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STABILO PRO – Stabilometric detection software – is a software multilanguage for carrying out stabilometric measurements, analyzing the results and performing exercises for rehabilitation and prevention.

Using a hardware system proven effective by international bibliography, the Stabilo Pro software allows the professional to perform correct stabilometric recordings.

Our experience in healthcare and IT has allowed us to create a much less expensive and much more performing solution than traditional solutions.

Stabilo Pro allows you to perform a test and instantly obtain an easily understandable report with immediate graphic impact.
During the test, the software processes the data coming from the balance board sensors through an advanced algorithm and at the end of the test it shows the analysis of the movement of the subject’s center of gravity (state kinesigram and stabilograms), the anterior, posterior and lateral loads, the analysis of Fourier on the two axes, the postural tactics used and a series of numerical indices.

The analysis carried out by the software also facilitates the recognition of any situations of postural functional decompensation derived from areas different.

The exercises module allows you to carry out rehabilitation, improve proprioception, and perform exercises to prevent the risk of falling.

The exercises consist of movements of the center of gravity which are visualized with the movement of a ball that must hit fixed or moving targets or follow a path.
For all exercises Stabilo Pro can give the therapist the ability to customize the exercise by modifying some parameters of the exercise itself.

You can check the improvements obtained by viewing the summary form of the exercises.

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